Old years last issue begins with an article of Public prosecutor of the Republic of Bashkortostan S.Khurtin, who introduces to the work of the system of law-enforcement supervisory service in the republic.
Materials of the rubric Education cover the process of realisation of the national project in the sphere of educational establishments of the Gafury district, Ufa and Birsk. The rubric Higher Educational Institutions offers materials devoted to the Bashkir State Pedagogical University, which has been recently named after M.Akmulla.
In Sons of Motherland R.Shakirov narrates about a course of life and fruitful activity of the known scholar-pedagogue Zakir Shakirov, M.Kutlugallyamov acquaints with Kurbangaly Allabirdin, a founder of the geophysics service in the republic.
In literary rubrics we offer a continuation of G.Khusainovs historical and biographical work Mukhametsalim Umetbaev, G.Kunafins article, devoted to the 165th anniversary of the enlightener, G.Shafikovs essay Saint Fount of Akmulla; and in a new rubric Voices of the Young we call attention to verses of young authors L.Abdullina, K.Andrianova, L.Yakupova.
Religion rubric is represented by an essay of G.Sitdikova who indulges in speculation about the immateriality in the modern world.
Culture and Art consists of A.Murtaevas article about Sibai State Bashkir Drama Theatre, which celebrates its 75th anniversary; N.Turizynas article about a creativity of Gaziz Almukhametov, one the first Bashkir professional composers, and G.Gainullinas article about a construction in Orenburg of the cultural centre National Village where there will be a Bashkir country estate.

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