Traditionally the September issue of the journal places emphasis on yearly republican conferences of workers in the sphere of education. President Murtaza Rakhimovs speech made on the republican conference on education hold on August, 11 in the village of Krasnaya Gorka of the Nuriman district, opens the rubric. There are also materials which introduce to the experience of execution of the top priority national project Education in the Beloretsk, Birsk, Aurgazinsky districts, in Neftekamsk town and the Soviet district of Ufa.
During recent years a good share of work on preservation, study and development of languages of nations of Bashkortostan has been accomplished in our republic. Deputy hief of the press, publishing and polygraphy departnment under Bashkir Government F.Kudakaev in the rubric State and Law acquaints with the process of realization of the Law of RB About languages of nations of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the sphere of mass communication media.
The historical rubric is represented by a material of the academician G.Khusainov about the written medieval monument Tawarikhi Bashkort, devoted to the 450th anniversary since the voluntary joining of Bashkortostan to Russia.
T.Kilmukhametovs article in the rubric Sons of Motherland is devoted to the memory of the Peoples poet of Bashkortostan Mustai Karim.
In Literature we publish a famous verse by Mustai Karim Im Russian in three languages.
In Ethnography there is an article of a professor R.Shakurov about the history of the union of the Min tribe and an article by R.Alsynbaeva about the Bashkirs of the Urshak river basin.
N.Akhmadieva in Demography analyses peculiarities of the social development of rural Bashkirs during the period of the 7089s of the last century between two last population censuses.
In Culture and Art we give an article of R.Yagudina about the life and creative activity of the veteran of the Bashkir stage Gyulli Mubaryakova.

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