The twelfth issue of the journal is opened by a large selection of materials about the open joint-stock company «Bashinformsvyaz», one of the leading companies in communications sphere with a wide range of services.
The rubric «Districts, towns» represents the Dywan district.
The article of student Bulat Muratov reflects problems of the world policy and integration of Bashkortostan in the political process.
Comparing Russia with the USA and West European states, a journalist Makhmut Khuzhin demonstrates the absence of civil institutions during the XX century in our country. Analyzing the present status of Russia he concludes that all of us are expecting the civil society and wonders what the future may hold in store for us.
The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Bashkortostan Rafil Garifullin acquaints the readers with foreign trade activities of Bashkortostan which contacts with more than 90 countries of the world and 45 regions of the Russian Federation.
Rinat Zaripov and Marsel Akchurin tell about the work of the Bashkir experiment station of apiculture on the analysis of melliferous resources, raising the productivity of bees families and realization of different problems.
The regular author of the journal, the Candidate of History Mukhamet Murzabulatov raises the problems of general census of the population, tracking variation of the ratio of the number of the Bashkort and Tatar population in the western region of Bashkortostan.
Gadel Valeev, the Candidate of Philology, analyzes demographic problems of the Bashkorts of the Chelyabinsk region.
The lingual and cultural processes in Bashkortostan in the XIX — early XX centuries are described by the corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Ishmukhamat Galyautdinov.
The problems of use the native language by townspeople, teaching it in educational institutions of the republics are raised in articles under the heading «Education».
Difficult adaptation of young people in cities, particularly connected with the complex of inferiority of people from ethnic minorities, calls people to national revival, — the material of the professor of the Chelyabinsk State University Galima Galiullina is about it.
«Literature» introduces creativity of such young poets as Aidar Khusainov, Fanis Yantilin, Rosa Muratova, Gulnaz Kutueva and others.
The journalist Salimyan Badretdinov registered little-known folklore samples from the masters of People’s Art Creativity which are given in the issue.
In «Culture» there are materials about Guldar Muratova and Zulfiya Kudasheva, cultural workers. Here also the scientific workers of S.G.Aksakov Museum share their impressions about the Xth International Aksakov holiday.
You can find a lot of interesting materials in the rubrics «Health» and «Mosaic».

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