Integration of Bashkortostan into the world policy

After the disintegration of the USSR the regions came to more intensive international cooperation, than it was in the Soviet epoch. A problem of an international recognition, economic cooperation came into being. The former Soviet republics faced the problem of establishing diplomatic connections with foreign states.
The integration of Bashkortostan into the world political process has not been properly studied because of the absence of local experts in the field of the world politics and international relations. Nowadays Bashkortostan is a political constituent of the Russian Federation. Economically it is an independent region vested with special powers. The republic has its own Constitution as well. As an independent territorial unit the republic signs agreements with leading countries of the world irrespective of the Federal Centre. The analysis of the international relations, comparison of our region with international community and its involvement in the world policy become urgent for our republic.
The development of the present-day world is not steady.
The problem of the best world order is the problem of integration in the world of finance and the integration in the world of culture is still a more complex process.
The world practice has two forms of civilizing backward regions.
The first refers to the epoch of great geographical discoveries. It means colonization of new territories, imposing colonizing nations cultures. Today this form has not disappeared from the political arena, it may concern Bashkortostan by imposing western social order instead of a habitual Russian, post-soviet one.
The second form was formed only by the end of the XIX century. Let’s call it a borrowing of the best achievements of western civilization.
As regards Bashkortostan, it is in an initial stage of the second form. The results may be the following: Bashkortostan may be one of the leading states in the Ural or Volga regions of Russia. Then, our region may also be a confederate state within Russia. Bashkortostan in due course may turn into an economically independent region.
The borrowing form has a positive side, namely, the preservation of small nations as unique cultural communities under the democratic development.
In Bashkortostan we can trace this process in the appearance of national cultural centres, schools, theatres etc. where languages and original culture of ethnoses of the republic are studied, developed and preserved.
The study of all political processes taking place in a society results in the development of the science of the world policy. The world political process is not only international relations but a wider concept because the world policy involves in geographical, functional and some other aspects. The world has its own laws of development. The level and quality of the world interaction, degree of complexity (the vertical and horizontal differentiation in the UN) is an evolution of functional subsystems. Let’s consider it in detail.
Traditional societies has two kinds of organizations — large (city, court, aristocracy) and small (foundations of a community, peasantry) ones. Large organizations are concerned with regional and global problems, small organizations concentrate on local and national problems. We can trace these problems to the national liberation movement in Bashkortostan in the early XX century:
the life of the Bashkort people without their own state up to the early XX century (local), the interaction of the Bashkorts with the Russians, Tatars etc (national), the aspiration of the Bashkorts to create their own state (regional), the creation of the Bashkir Autonomy within the RSFSR (global).
The infringement of interaction in solving these problems resulted in considerable decrease in the Baskort population as compared with the Russian and Tatar population in the republic.
Speaking about the history of the world political process concerning our region, we shall note the following important aspects of integration into the international community. At present Bashkortostan represents a separate region of Russia, politically stable and economically independent. Undoubtedly, in future there may be conflicts and disputes with the Federal Centre and only flexible policy of the authorities of the republic may help avoid the conflicts undesirable both to the Federal Centre and the region. Taking into account the historical experience Bashkortostan may be a good example of the integration of the Turkic and Moslem world into the Russian community.
Actually Bashkortostan has begun to integrate into the world policy. The international world is getting to know Bashkortostan, an economically independent region.Eventually we shall see the results of the integration of Bashkortostan into the world political process.

Translated by A. Nurieva.

B. Muratov

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