Eurasianism: comprehension and development

The international scientific conference Eurasianism: historical and cultural heritage and perspective of development, which was held in Ufa September 14-15th, 2000, became an important event in scientific life of the Republic of Bashkortostan and won the recognition of scientists of many regions of Russia and other countries.
According to its organisers, the scientists of the Eastern Institute of Economics, Humanities, Management and Law, the significance of the main theme of the forum was the barest necessity for the present-day Russian society to research problems of eurasianism.
The ideas of eurasianism were formulated more than eighty years ago. The turn of the centuries is an appropriate period to deal with this problem because the present eurasianism of nations of Russia has considerably changed. Representatives of all nations of Russia are equally educated and cultured, live and work in industrial society, rule their states. Peoples of our country are equal in their development. At the same time, despite differences in their languages, history and religions, they have much in common.
A broad range of issues related to the cultural contacts were discussed at the conference. Experts in social and political history, politics, economics, philosophy, ethnology, linguistics, literature, art, religion, and psychology actively took part in it.
More than 250 participants including 3 academicians, 47 professors, 65 assistant professors, scientific workers, post-graduate students from Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, the USA, Mongolia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Murmansk, Tula, Voronezh, Cheboksari, Kazan, Samara, Ufa, Birsk, Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Siktivkar, Novosibirsk, Ulhan-Ude, Elista, Abakan, Vladivostok, Makhachkala, Nalchik and other cities exchanged their ideas.
The work was carried out in workshops and round-table talks on the following themes: Eurasianism in the early and late XX century: problems of comprehension under the presidency of the academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences E.S.Kulpin (Moscow), professor N.N.Alevras (Chelyabinsk), assistant professor R.I.Yakupov (Ufa); Problems of Security in Eurasia headed by the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.V.Alekseev (Ekaterinburg) and professor V.P.Petrovsky (Moscow), History and Modernity of Turkic-speaking peoples of Russia under the direction of the professors D.M.Iskhakov (Kazan), R.K.Amirov (Ufa). The importance of the economic basis in equal interaction of cultures was confirmed by the scientists and well-known businessmen at the microsymposium Eurasian Economic Space: Science and Real Business. The ideas and proposals conceived at these workshops extended the range of topics to be discussed and considerably enriched the conference.
All views expressed at the workshops, round-table talks confirm an urgency of the Eurasian problem, vitality of the idea itself. At the same time there was revealed the validity of difference of forms and ways of perception of eurasianism by contemporaries. It is closely connected with the level of professionalism of the experts in different fields of the humanitarian knowledge. It should be noted that the conference was focused on issues of methodology of historical and sociological researches. According to the leading specialists the research must be based on principles of historicism, strict chronology, methods of the system analysis of phenomena, interdisciplinary approach and, certainly, be free from ideology. Only such research can be scientific and conclusions adequate.
The participants of the forum formulated a lot of valuable suggestions which were reflected in the final report of the conference. They expressed deep concern about the necessity of the further understanding of the problems of eurasianism, continuation of fundamental research in this area. In this connection the scientists applauded the proposal to discuss in future some concrete problems of eurasianism after the detailed theoretical discussion on the first forum of Eurasian ideas. For example, next conferences may be devoted to the themes Political culture, traditions of the nations of Russia and prospect of Eurasian ethnic and political union, Interaction of religions in the context of eurasianism. There were also practical ideas, for example, the creation of the interregional Scientific Religion Research Institute and the renewal of the edition of the magazine Turkology.
The guests got acquainted with Bashkortostan, its economic, scientific and cultural life. There were organised exhibitions of the works of R.Y.Minebayev, an artist, a winner of State Sh.Babich Prize of the Republic of Bashkortostan, a member of the union of the artists of Russia, and A.I.Nechvaloda, an anthropologist, expert in plastic reconstruction (on Gerasimovs method). The participants of the conference visited the M.V.Nesterov museum, where having acquainted with the works of the outstanding artist they could listen to the Russian romances performed by the singers Olga Zlobina and Gennady Valyaev.
Many higher institutions, governmental bodies of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the President M.G.Rakhimov and the Chairman of the State Assembly of the Republic of Bashkortostan K.B.Tolkachev supported the idea to discuss the problems of eurasianism.
It had taken a year to organise the conference. At last, having covered a complex way from the formulation of idea up to its successful realisation, the conference finished its work. It became an appreciable mark in domestic and, perhaps, world science and, what is important, will be long remembered by the participants of the forum.
The Eastern Institute
of Economics, Humanities, Management and Law

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